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22 March 2023
Обеднённый уран: munitions of depleted uranium may be sent to Україна [BBC] [Guardian] [Meduza] [Reuters]
'China gives USA advice on Ukraine after Xi, Putin pledge to shape new world order' [ZeroHedge]

10 March 2023
საქართველო Sakartvelo Georgia: political instability [BBC] [NEO]

11 February 2023
'FTX lawyers escalate threats to politicians: return donations or be sued' [ZeroHedge]

8 February 2023
Thierry Meyssan: 'the Hunter Biden / Ihor Kolomoïsky affair' [Voltairenet]
Seymour Hersh: 'how America took out the Nord Stream pipeline' [Seymour Hersh] [Al Jazeera] [Bloomberg] [Daily Mail] [eugyppius] [Moon of Alabama] [naked capitalism] [Reuters] [weltwoche.ch]

24 January 2023
Україна: "Deep State" dynamics [Andrew Korybko]

22 December 2022
David Collum: 2022 Year in Review [Peak Prosperity]

20 December 2022
C J Hopkins: 'Year of the Gaslighter' [Consent Factory] [OffGuardian]

13 December 2022
'Volodymyr Zelensky and ethnopolitics' [Thierry Meyssan]

29 November 2022
'Covid-19: mass formation or mass atrocity?' [David Hughes, Valerie Kyrie and Daniel Broudy]

23 November 2022
UK imports at least £220m (April 2022 figure) of Russian energy since February 2022 [Independent] [Nikkei Asia] [Sky]

19 November 2022
эндшпиль в Украине: 'endgame in Ukraine struggling to be born' [Indian Punchline]

12 November 2022
FTX: 10% fractional reserve banking (900 million : 9 billion) [Coinlive] [Grayzone] [ZeroHedge]

11 November 2022
SCCU: 'The Southern Counties Chess Union - a retrospective' by Anthony Fulton [Barnes & Noble] [scribd]

7 November 2022
الجزائر Algeria applies to join BRICS [Asharq Al-Awsat] [Global Times] [Middle East Monitor] [Newsweek]

3 November 2022
پاكِستان Pakistan, Wazirabad: Imran Khan wounded in armed attack, reported attempted assassination, one person killed [BBC] [CNN] [Daily Mail] [Al Jazeera] [Reuters] [ZeroHedge]

1 November 2022
Nord Stream: Россия accuses UK [The Hindu] [Al Jazeera] [Ray McGovern] [Moscow Times]
Covid: Pandemic Amnesty announced by MSM [The Atlantic] [Igor Chudov] [Daily Kos] [Spiked]

23 October 2022

16 October 2022
'The Gaslighting of the Masses' [CJ Hopkins]

9 August 2022
Крым Crimea: Саки Saki event [Al Jazeera] [BBC] [CNN] [DW] [Forbes] [forces.net] [Foreign Policy] [Guardian] [Military.com] [Military Watch] [Politico] [Polygraph] [Reuters] [Untold News] [War Zone]

8 August 2022
'The Sickening Quickening' [Jim Kunstler]

7 August 2022
上海合作组织 Шанхайская организация сотрудничества and the petromonarchies: 'why SCO membership is a big deal' [Indian Punchline]

27 July 2022
TERF-wars in the UK: Allison Bailey, Stonewall and ">Garden Court Chambers [Employment Tribunal Case No: 2202172/2020] [BBC] [Daily Mail] [Guardian] [Legal Cheek] [Old Square Chambers] [PinkNews] [Roll On Friday]

7 June 2022
International energy, OPEC+, hydrocarbons: Россия и Евросоюз [Jorge Vilches]

6 June 2022
недоговороспособность Запада and European security [Moon of Alabama]

4 June 2022
'The last Olympiad: chess on the eve of war' [GM Ray Keene]
Україна: weapons of war for sale on the dark web [AA Türkiye] [CNBC] [Fox Business] [Mirror] [New Statesman] [Tech Startups] [Voltairenet] [Yesilbag News]

19 May 2022
Caitlin Johnstone: 'Bush's Freudian confession on Iraq' [Consortium News]

14 April 2022
Covid: global Asch experiment, significance of 62% [Igor Chudov]

13 April 2022
'Ancient Peruvian was buried with tools for cranial surgery' [ars technica]

3 March 2022
Sanctions, SWIFT and Россия: opinions [Larry Johnson] [Andrei Martyanov]

1 March 2022
Україна: video from 12 March 2014 [StormCloudsGathering]

28 February 2022
Ramp Report #4 - War, What Is It Good For? [Ramp Capital]

20 January 2022
'FBI sought documents related to USA-funded Coronavirus research in China' [The Intercept]

16 December 2021
Fentanyl: number 1 cause of death among American adults, ages 18-45 [Families Against Fentanyl] [Fox10] [Christian Headlines]

7 December 2021
'Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr.’s Heroic Resistance' [review of The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health] [Edward Curtin]

28 November 2021
'Mackindergarten Lesson' [Patrick Armstrong]

3 November 2021
USA: indictment of Igor Danchenko [gov.uscourts] [Andrei Martyanov] [New York Times] [Politico] [Reuters] [RT] [ZeroHedge]

1 November 2021
'How Fauci fooled America' [Newsweek]

19 October 2021
Professor Michael Hudson: interview with Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton [Grayzone] [Unz Review]

8 October 2021
USS Connecticut: incident in South China Sea on 2 October 2021 [Awsforwp] [BBC] [The Drive] [Guardian] [Andrei Martyanov] [USNI]

6 October 2021
Pandora Papers: publication and comment [ICIJ] [BBC] [CNN] [Guardian] [Reuters] [ZeroHedge]

2 October 2021
'Magnetic Poles' [GM Ray Keene]

28 September 2021
российский природный газ: supply via Yamal-Europe pipeline falls by more than half [CNBC] [Nasdaq] [Reuters] [ZeroHedge]

24 September 2021
'The West has lost its roots' [UnHerd]

21 September 2021
Covid-19: 'Wuhan lab wanted to genetically enhance bat viruses to study human risks, (March 2018) documents show' [DRASTIC Research] [Mike Gallagher] [news.com.au] [Newsweek] [Spiegel Wissenschaft]
Douglas Murray: UK, immigration and British history [RealClearPolitics]

17 September 2021
ایران Iran joins Shanghai Cooperation Organisation [Al Jazeera] [Al Mayadeen] [Al-Monitor] [Atlantic Council] [CGTN] [FDD] [Nikkei Asia] [Press TV] [Washington Institute]

16 September 2021
USA Department of Justice: indictment of Michael Sussmann [justice.gov] [Russell Brand] [CBS] [CNN] [Grayzone] [Guardian] [The Hill] [New York Times] [Rolling Stone]

6 September 2021
Engdahl: Saudi Arabia and Российская Федерация [NEO]

1 September 2021
'20 Years Later: The True Costs of our Post-9/11 Wars' [Brown University] [AP] [Business Insider] [Patrick Cockburn] [Consortium News] [Forbes] [Fortune] [The Intercept] [phys.org]

15 August 2021
Taliban reclaim Afghanistan [Al Jazeera] [Al-Monitor] [Daily Mail] [William Engdahl] [Pepe Escobar] [Patrick Lawrence] [Andrei Martyanov] [NEO] [Dmitry Orlov] [John Pilger] [Jack Rasmus] [South Front]

29 May 2021
Mali: presidency of Assimi Goita ratified by constitutional court [africanews] [Al Jazeera] [The Conversation] [Deutsche Welle] [France24]

23 May 2021
Беларусь: flight of Roman Protasevich lands in Minsk [Patrick Armstrong] [The Conversation] [The Grayzone] [IntelliNews] [Jamestown Foundation] [Moon of Alabama] [RT]

17 April 2021
Беларусь: alleged plot to assassinate Lukashenko [EUobserver] [euronews] [FSB] [IntelliNews] [Jamestown Foundation] [politico] [Tasnim] [Warsaw Institute] [TASS]

16 April 2021
M K Bhadrakumar: obituary of American war in Afghanistan [Asia Times] [Indian Punchline]

13 April 2021
الأردن‎ Jordan: 'the coup that didn't happen' [Thierry Meyssan]

6 February 2021
Michael Hudson: 'Changes in Super Imperialism' [naked capitalism] [Unz Review]

1 December 2020
Türkiye: acquittal in police killing of Kemal Kurkut [Al-Monitor] [duvaR.english] [TurkishMinute] [T-VINE]

29 November 2020
'A Rebuttal to Klaus Schwab’s Article on the Covid-19 Crisis' [Capitalist Exploits]

15 November 2020
USA: post-electoral analysis [Patrick Armstrong] [Peter van Buren] [Alastair Crooke] [William Engdahl] [Pepe Escobar] [Thierry Meyssan] [Sidney Powell] [Michael Vlahos]

13 November 2020
USA: Quibi obituaries [Bloomberg] [cnet] [CNN] [The Verge] [ZeroHedge]

12 November 2020
Brasil: Bolsonaro discusses covid-19, maricas, foreign policy [Brazilian Report] [Breitbart] [Global Times] [Guardian] [Reuters] [WION]

11 November 2020
USA history: presidents who did not attend inauguration [CNN]

10 November 2020
Нагорный Карабах Արցախ Dağlıq Qarabağ Nagorno-Karabakh: armistice, Russian peace-keepers [Al-Monitor] [Indian Punchline] [Thierry Meyssan] [Moscow Times] [RT] [South Front] [The Saker]

5 November 2020
Chris Hedges: American Requiem [Consortium News]

4 November 2020
USA: FARA seizures of rpfront.com, ahtribune.com, awdnews.com and criticalstudies.org [USA Department of Justice] [cyberscoop] [infosecurity] [Grayzone]

3 November 2020
J. Morgan, ‘Covid-19 and False Imprisonment’, U.K. Const. L. Blog (3rd Nov. 2020)

23 October 2020
USA, 中国 and Biden [Christopher Baldwin] [ZeroHedge]

22 October 2020
Российская Федерация: sitrep [Patrick Armstrong]

20 October 2020
Chomsky: OPCW and Syria [Grayzone]

9 October 2020
#AfricanApocalypse @BFI

28 September 2020
Elon Musk: interview by Kara Swisher [New York Times] [Business Insider] [RT]

22 September 2020
Andre Vltchek: reports of death and obituaries [Edward Curtin] [InsideEko] [Peter Koenig] [OffG] [San Diego Union-Tribune] [StarTribune]

15 September 2020
USA: Transition Integrity Project (TIP) [FiveThirtyEight] [Michael Rozeff] [Washington Post] [Whitney Webb] [Mike Whitney] [Voltairenet] [YouTube / Circuses]

8 September 2020
USA: prospective foreign policy differences between Trump and Biden [Thierry Meyssan]

13 August 2020
Sanctions, Iran and Venezuela: four tankers seized by USA [RT] [WSJ]
NATO: France, Ελλάδα and Oruç Reis [Al Jazeera] [Defense Post] [Guardian] [Reuters] [RT] [WSJ]

11 August 2020
ایران Iran: 'from anti-imperialist to imperialist again' [Thierry Meyssan]

10 August 2020
Беларусь: presidential elections [Consortium News] [Donbass Insider] [Irrussianality] [Moon of Alabama] [RFERL] [RT]
Ron Paul: 'coronavirus is the new terrorism' [Ron Paul Institute]

4 July 2020

16 June 2020
Petrogeopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean / Levantine Basin [Rufat Ahmedzade] [Asia Times] [Brookings] [BulgarianMilitary] [Daily Sabah] [Libyan Express] [meo] [NEO] [TRTWorld]

3 June 2020
Ray McGovern on USA-Россия relations [Consortium News]

1 June 2020
James Chen: 'when did World War II actually begin?' [Natalyie's Place]

27 May 2020
Россия в Ливии [Al Jazeera] [Al-Monitor] [Aviationist] [BBC] [CNN] [dvids] [Guardian] [The Hill] [Hürriyet] [Indian Punchline] [Libya Observer] [Middle East Eye] [Sky]

23 May 2020
'Russia, China won’t accept US nuclear superiority' [Indian Punchline]

6 May 2020
'COVID-19 pandemic as an invitation for self-reflection' [Maxim Micheliov]

13 April 2020
'Various forms of liberalism' [Boris Chicherin tr. Irrussianality]

8 April 2020
'Who profits from the pandemic?' [Pepe Escobar]

7 April 2020
'Panic and political absurdity in the face of the pandemic' [Thierry Meyssan]

26 March 2020
Venezuela: USA indict Maduro for narco-terrorism [US Department of Justice] [BuzzFeed] [International Business Times] [New York Post] [Sputnik] [RT]
Peter van Buren on fear and manipulation [American Conservative]

25 March 2020
Coronavirus: advice of Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Yaneer Bar-Yam [Guardian]

24 March 2020
'12 experts questioning the Coronavirus panic' [offG]

23 March 2020
UK: 'the underlying historical significance of Brexit' [Robert Tombs]

17 March 2020
'The Slave State, Status Servus' [Kelley Ross]
USA: 'nukes - the unmentionable election issue (Part 2)' [Mel Gurtov]

16 March 2020
Saudi Arabia: analysis [Iran Review] [CounterPunch]
UK: Pause the System = Extinction Rebellion [Guido Fawkes]

13 March 2020
Царская Россия: 'Putin keeps us guessing' [Indian Punchline] [Reuters]

11 March 2020
'How black swans are shaping planet panic' [Pepe Escobar]

9 March 2020
USA: 'nukes - the unmentionable election issue (Part 1)' [Mel Gurtov]
Petrogeopolitics and currencies: analysis
[Bloomberg] [forexlive] [Guardian] [Kitco] [OilPrice] [RT] [ZeroHedge]

5 March 2020
'American politics is a Ponzi scheme' [Robert Bridge]

28 February 2020
Idlib: sitrep [NY Times] [RIA Novosti] [RT] [TASS] [Washington Post]

27 February 2020
Syria: Anya Parampil interviews Bashar Barazi [The Grayzone]

26 February 2020
'Is it time to panic?' [Ramp Capital]

25 February 2020
Ray McGovern on Assange [Consortium News]

24 February 2020
'Behold: the retarded RampCapital blog has launched' [iBankCoin]

16 February 2020
Peter Hitchens, OPCW and Kafka [Mail on Sunday]

15 February 2020
'Unsettled climate science: 30 years apace' [WUWT]

13 February 2020
Россия: 'communists for God' [Irrussianality]
Vovan and Lexus speak to Bernie Sanders [Breitbart] [International Business Times] [RT] [Sputnik] [WUWT] [Zero Hedge]

9 February 2020
'QAnon conspiracy theory creeps into mainstream politics' [AP]

31 January 2020
Yarrabubba crater and climatic history [Cosmos] [Daily Mail] [EarthSky] [NASA] [nature] [Anton Petrov] [TheScientist]

30 January 2020
Российская Федерация: sitrep [Patrick Armstrong]

14 January 2020
USA: 'Fed protects gamblers at the expense of the economy' [Ellen Brown]

13 January 2020
Rhodium: $8,200 per ounce, 5x the price of gold
[Daily Mail] [fin24] [Republic] [RT]

1 January 2020
'Syrian conflict awash with propaganda' [Robert Fisk]
USA: Trump and QAnon [Daily Beast]

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