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"L'exactitude n'est pas la vérité." Henri Matisse
"Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see." Benjamin Franklin
"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that." George Carlin
"You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on." George W Bush
“All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth." Friedrich Nietzsche [modern composite quotation]
“You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.” Charles Manson
"What a waste it is to lose one's mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is." Dan Quayle
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2 October 2019
USA: analysis of Whistleblower-gate [American Herald Tribune] [John Kiriakou] [Indian Punchline] [Moon of Alabama]

21 September 2019
USA-Україна: Biden, Burisma, Trump and Зеленський [BBC] [Business Insider] [BuzzFeed] [CNBC] [Deutsche Welle] [Foreign Policy] [Fox News] [RT] [ZeroHedge]

20 September 2019
'Deplorables: Trump, Brexit and the demonised masses' [Spiked]

27 August 2019
Tech news: 'video from camera outside Epstein jail cell unusable' [Daily Mail] [The Hill]

22 August 2019
Michael Mann v Tim Ball, Supreme Court of British Columbia: libel case about hockey stick controversy dismissed [Powerline] [Principia Scientific] [WUWT]
Syria: Khan Sheikhoun sitrep [Al-Masdar News] [Hürriyet] [NEO] [PressTV] [South Front]

15 August 2019
Syria: timeline of uprising January 2011 to April 2011 [Sarah Abed]

13 August 2019

12 August 2019
Language news: Jean-Marc Puissesseau dismisses Brexit catastrophism - "C'est la bullshit" [Continental Telegraph] [Guido Fawkes] [Sun] [Westmonster]

7 August 2019
'Kafkaesque nightmare of British justice' [UnHerd]

2 August 2019
Progrès en Belgique: modernization of le Pont des Trous de Tournai [Ancient Origins] [france3] [Guardian] [RTL]

24 July 2019
USA: Mueller hearing - analysis [American Spectator] [The Hill] [Raheem Kassam] [Aaron Maté] [New York Post]

23 July 2019

20 July 2019
UK-Iran: tanker wars [Asharq Al-Awsat] [BBC] [CNN] [Daily Mail] [Guardian] [Indian Punchline] [Michael Klare] [Maritime Executive] [New Cold War] [Sic Semper Tyrannis] [South Front]

14 June 2019
Sir Mark Sedwill: UK "in pretty good shape" for Brexit [BBC] [Sun]

31 May 2019
Царская Россия: Russia renames airports after national internet poll [Aviation24] [Bloomberg] [CargoForwarder] [Anatoly Karlin] [RFERL]

29 May 2019
中国 China and rare earths [Bloomberg] [NEO] [Reuters]

24 May 2019
UK: resignation of PM Theresa May [BBC] [The Canary] [CNN] [DMail] [Full Fact] [Guardian] [Marina Hyde] [Reuters] [Sky]

23 May 2019
Syria: 'Idlib exposes Turkey’s weak hand against Russia' [Al-Monitor]

22 May 2019
USA: 'Attorney General Barr puts former intel bosses on notice' [The Hill]
UK NGO algebra: Lead by Donkeys = Greenpeace [Guido Fawkes]

19 May 2019
Syria: OPCW, Douma and manufacturing consent [Consortium News] [Peter Hitchens] [Moon of Alabama] [NEO] [RT]

18 May 2019
Libya: 'Turkish arms in Tripoli before vast operation to break siege' [PressTV]
UK sitrep: 'ridiculous' [DMail]

17 May 2019
USA-Iran-Россия-中国 [Al-Monitor] [RT] [Stratfor] [ZeroHedge]

15 May 2019
USA: Pentagon asked Congress to reimburse Taliban [BBC] [The Hill] [Roll Call] [ZeroHedge]

14 May 2019
Libya: 'how Haftar built his war machine' [Middle East Eye]

8 May 2019
Thierry Meyssan on the EU [Voltairenet]

7 May 2019
America in denial: Gabor Maté on the psychology of Russiagate [Grayzone]

28 April 2019
Россия-Україна: паспортная война [DMail] [Moscow Times] [Newsmax] [RFERL] [RT]

27 April 2019
BRI forum 25-27 April 2019 in Beijing [Asia Times] [China Daily] [CNBC] [The Diplomat] [Andrew Vltchek] [Xin Hua] [ZeroHedge]

24 April 2019
USA-Iran: analysis [Pepe Escobar] [Moon of Alabama]

19 April 2019
'An empire of bullshit' [James Howard Kunstler]

NYTimes, Haspel, Skripal and dead ducks [The Blogmire] [Guardian] [John Helmer] [Moon of Alabama] [Craig Murray] [RT] [Sputnik]

3 April 2019
Geopolitics: "how Brzezinski's chessboard degenerated into Brennan's russophobia" [Mike Whitney] [ZeroHedge]
How international aid works: USA, Україна, Burisma and Biden [The Hill] [Breitbart] [Guardian]

28 March 2019
USA: Trump 2020 rally in Michigan [ABC News] [Fox News] [Global News / YouTube] [Guardian]

25 March 2019
USA: 'thoughts on the Mueller-Barr report' [Sic Semper Tyrannis]
Glenn Greenwald on Russiagate [Democracy Now] [The Intercept] [ZeroHedge]

24 March 2019
Venezuela: Russian military aeroplanes land near Caracas [Arab News] [BBC] [Checkpoint Asia] [Deutsche Welle] [France24] [FRN] [Haaretz] [Reuters] [Russia Insider] [TRTWorld] [ZeroHedge]

15 March 2019
UK: Roger Daltrey compares EU with 'a fucking mafia' [Westmonster]

13 March 2019
Vernon Bogdanor: Brexit and the future of Britain

8 March 2019
'The doomsday economics of "proof-of-work" in cryptocurrencies' [Raphael Auer]

4 March 2019
UK constitutional law: R (Wilson) v Prime Minister [2019] EWCA Civ 304 [Guido Fawkes] [Wikipedia]

3 March 2019
International law: USA v ICC [AP / Matt Lee] [The Hill] [Human Rights Watch] [Andre Vltchek]

22 February 2019

21 February 2019
USA: 'greatest constitutional crisis since the civil war' [Conrad Black]
UK: 'what's David Cameron up to?' [Guido Fawkes]

19 February 2019
USA-Türkiye: 'Pence asks Erdogan to drop Russian missiles in secret phone call' [Middle East Eye]
Venezuela: Vovan and Lexus posing as Swiss President Maurer speak to Elliot Abrams [21C Wire] [PressTV] [Reuters 20 Feb 2019 at 1511] [Reuters 20 Feb 2019 at 1751] [RT] [Russia Insider] [Sputnik]

29 January 2019
Venezuela: 'the making of Juan Guaidó' [Consortium News]

10 January 2019
AGW latest: Asia and Europe covered in snow [China Daily] [Express] [weather.com] [WUWT]

5 January 2019
'China's long game: hold Tibet, take Taiwan, colonize Moon' (Pepe Escobar) [Asia Times] [Russia Insider]

25 December 2018
Matt Taibbi: 'we know how Trump's war game ends' [Rolling Stone] [Zero Hedge]

22 December 2018
Professor David Collum: 2018 year in review [PeakProsperity] [Zero Hedge]

21 December 2018
Ice on Mars: European Space Agency (ESA) publishes images of Korolev crater [ESA] [Astronomy] [engadget] [Guardian] [RT] [space.com] [The Verge]

20 December 2018
Syria: UN panel discussion on White Helmets [UN Audiovisual Library] [21Wire] [RT] [SANA] [Sputnik]
USA: prospective resignation (effective 28 February 2019) of Secretary of Defence James Mattis [Axios] [The Diplomat] [elite daily] [Guardian] [The Hill] [Politico] [Washington Examiner]

19 December 2018
USA: Trump announces withdrawal from Syria [Bloomberg] [Middle East Eye] [NBC] [Reuters] [RT] [USA Today] [Zero Hedge]

16 December 2018
USA-UK 'working hard’ to prepare post-Brexit relations [Breitbart]

14 December 2018
Cryptocurrencies: 'how's that ICO working out?' [Bloomberg]
WOTD: nebulous [DMail] [Guido Fawkes] [Politico] [Standard] [Sun]

12 December 2018
Analysis: anglobots, Anonymous, disinformation and Integrity Initiative [Guardian] [Tim Hayward] [Huffington Post] [Moon of Alabama] [Sputnik] [RT] [UK Column] [Zero Hedge]

10 December 2018
Tu-160 Белый лебедь strategic bombers in Venezuela [Bloomberg] [Defence Blog] [The Drive] [euronews] [Guardian] [Indian Punchline] [Moscow Times] [Popular Mechanics] [RT] [TASS]

6 December 2018
Huawei: USA-Canada detain Meng Wanzhou [BBC] [China Daily] [CNN] [Global Times] [Guardian] [James Petras] [South China Morning Post] [Sky] [Zero Hedge]

5 December 2018

'Giuliani says Twitter sabotaged his tweet. Actually, he did it himself' [Seattle Times] [Esquire]

4 December 2018
Analysis: UK Guardian, Fernando Villavicencio, Manafort and Assange [Disobedient Media] [Binoy Kampmark] [RT] [Washington Post] [wsws.org] [Zero Hedge]
'Revoking the notice to withdraw from the EU? The opinion in Wightman' [EU Law Analysis]
Révolution française 2.0: Macron surrenders [DMail] [Global Village Space] [Diana Johnstone] [RT]

3 December 2018
G20 Buenos Aires: analysis [Augsburger Allgemeine] [CNN] [coindesk] [Pepe Escobar] [Globe and Mail] [RT]
中國-USA: 'what the Chinese are saying about the trade summit' [Mel Gurtov]

1 December 2018
UK: 'no-deal Brexit will be fine' [MoneyWeek]

30 November 2018
USA: 'deep quandaries of the Deep State' [James Howard Kunstler] [Russia Insider]

29 November 2018
'Is The Saudi-Russia oil bromance at risk?'> [oilprice.com]

28 November 2018
USA: 'how a future Trump cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime' [Miami Herald]
'Guardian ups its vilification of Julian Assange' [Jonathan Cook]

27 November 2018
USA: shot by cops for going to shops [CNN]; Second Amendment "not intended for black people" [NYTimes]

22 November 2018
'Erdoğan denounces Soros over jailed Turkish philanthropist' [Middle East Eye]

27 October 2018
Syria: Putin, Erdoğan, Merkel, Macron in agreement [Asharq Al-Awsat] [Express] [France24] [Haaretz] [RT] [Sputnik] [Sky]

25 October 2018
Russian Federation sitrep [Patrick Armstrong]
Houellebecq: «l'Occident est dans un état de déclin très avancé» [Breitbart] [Le Point] [Valeurs Actuelles]

23 October 2018
Khashoggi, Erdoğan, OPEC+: analysis [Al Arabiya] [Bloomberg] [Haaretz] [Indian Punchline] [RT] [TASS] [Unz Review] [VoltaireNet]
Dewayne Johnson v Monsanto: $289m verdict in Roundup litigation reduced to $78m on appeal [CyprusMail] [Daily Times] [RT]
Trump: 'the Fed is the biggest risk' [BBC] [Politico] [WSJ]

17 October 2018
Brexit: UK establishment at civil war [Express] [Politico] [Standard] [Times]

15 October 2018
USA: Senator Orrin Hatch announces DNA results [The Hill]

13 October 2018
'Discerning Vladimir Putin' [Patrick Lawrence] [Irrussianality]

11 October 2018
Fake news news: Facebook unpublishes 800+ alt-media pages [Breitbart] [Daily Haze] [Free Thought Project] [RT] [Russophile]

23 September 2018
יִשְׂרָאֵל-Россия: Il-20 controversy [Arutz Sheva] [RT]

18 August 2018
Pakistan: Imran Khan takes office as prime minister [Al Jazeera] [BBC] [Graham Fuller] [Guardian] [Reuters]
Kofi Annan: obituaries [BBC] [Consortiumnews] [Daily Maverick] [Spiked]

10 August 2018
Dewayne Johnson v Monsanto CGC-16-550128: $289.2m verdict in Roundup litigation [Baum Hedland Aristei Goldman] [William Engdahl] [Fortune] [Guardian]
'How Turkey's currency crisis came to pass' [Moon of Alabama]

8 August 2018
UK: 'massive uptick in defense exports' [Defense News]

14 July 2018
Larry King interviews Sergei Lavrov

13 June 2018
NATO information officer Eliot Higgins issues challenge to Russia: 'suck my balls' [RT]

11 June 2018

10 June 2018
G7-Shanghai Cooperation Organization: analysis [Al Jazeera] [Asia Times] [CNN] [DMail] [Becky Davis] [Deutsche Welle] [Japan Times] [Reuters] [RT] [Sputnik] [Wonkette]

9 June 2018
Assad interview with UK Daily Mail [DMail] [Al-Monitor] [Fars] [SANA] [Reuters] [RT] [Sputnik]

8 June 2018
'The next US President will save Europe from Russia’s secret plot' [Oriental Review]
Pyongyang Metro in pictures [Business Insider]

7 June 2018

American diplomacy: Canada burnt down White House in 1814 [BBC] [CNN] [NYTimes]; D-Day part of "long history with the government of Germany" [CNN] [Independent] [RT] [Vox]
'The end of Irish exceptionalism' [National Review]
Россия, Qatar, Saudi and S-400 [Al Jazeera] [Middle East Monitor] [NEO] [PressTV] [Sputnik]

6 June 2018
Italia: analysis of election of Lega-M5S coalition [Capitalist Exploits] [CounterPunch] [Diana Johnstone] [Project Syndicate] [RT] [Wolf Street]

31 May 2018
Trump doctrine: protectionism [CNN Money] [DMail] [Guardian] [NYTimes] [Politico] [RT]
Petrogeopolitics: 'no shelter from the storm' [Pepe Escobar]

30 May 2018
Люди Xуюди: murdered journalist Arkadii Babchenko Аркадий Бабченко alive and well [Al Jazeera] [BBC] [CNN] [Patrick Cockburn] [Guardian] [Irrussianality] [Meduza] [Metro] [Moon of Alabama] [NEO] [Dmitry Orlov] [Reuters] [Telegraph]

28 May 2018
Stoeckle-Thaler genetic analysis 'reveals new facets of evolution' [phys.org]

26 May 2018
Modern algebra: MH17 = MH370 [LiveLeak] [The Week]

24 May 2018
Vovan and Lexus prank Boris Johnson [Deutsche Welle] [DMail] [euronews] [Independent] [ITV] [Mirror] [Rogue Money] [RT] [Sky] [Spectator] [Sputnik] [Sun]

3 May 2018
Albert Edwards: community-based EBITDA "deserves its own place in the Bullshit Hall of Fame" [Zero Hedge]

1 May 2018
Skripal affair: no suspects [Guardian] [Reuters] [RT] [Sky]

29 April 2018
Floating nuclear power station Akademik Lomonosov leaves Sankt-Peterburg en route to Murmansk [ars technica] [DMail] [Express] [Greenpeace] [Norway Today] [RT] [Sky]

28 April 2018
Syria: Fares Shehabi interview [BBC] [BitChute] [OffGuardian] [Syria News]

27 April 2018
Syria: Scott Ritter interview [Consortiumnews]

26 April 2018
Douma: denialists, conspiracists and apologists [Robert Fisk] [Tim Hayward] [Media Lens] [Thierry Meyssan]
'Are liberal pervs sexually obsessed with refugees?' [Unz Review]

25 April 2018
'Brexit will be fine' [Reaction]
English language: fashionable insults now include 'fuckwit', 'lardarse' and 'vinegar tits' [DMail]

23 April 2018
Russian trolls Vovan and Lexus speak to Ahmet Üzümcü of OPCW [Fars] [LiveLeak] [RT] [Sputnik]

21 April 2018
'Beware of White Helmets bearing news' [Ann Wright]

16 April 2018
Syria: British and Russian submarines face off in eastern Mediterranean [Business Insider] [DMail] [Express] [National Interest] [Россия-24] [Sputnik]

Lavrov interview: "I mean you have hard talk, you know, we want hard facts" [BBC] [mid.ru]
DuffelBlog: ‘Eternal Flaming Wheelbarrow Full of Cash’ picked as Global War On Terror Memorial

14 April 2018
JP Sottile on Syria [newsvandal]

13 April 2018
'Nine Japanese crypto exchanges have suspended operations so far' [bitcoin.com]

6 April 2018
Skripal affair: two guinea pigs died, cat got killed [Guardian] [Independent] [Mirror] [RT]
'Palatial credit: origins of money and interest' [Michael Hudson]

2 April 2018
'Western pressure brings China and Russia closer as Chinese officials visit Moscow' [Global Times]

30 March 2018
Analysis: Austro-Russian relations [Foreign Policy]
'Anadolu news agency publishes map of French military positions in Syria' [France24]

27 March 2018
«Стоим на краю пропасти. Надо идти вперед.» [Irrussianality]

23 March 2018
'Russia and Britain: an enduring but fruitless rivalry' [Adeyinka Makinde]

22 March 2018
UK High Court: Salisbury NHS to provide Skripal samples and medical notes to OPCW [BAILLI] [DMail] [John Helmer] [Huffington Post] [RT]

20 March 2018
«Financement libyen en 2007» - Nicolas Sarkozy arrested [Breitbart] [France24] [Guardian] [L'Obs] [Reuters] [RT] [Sky] [Washington Post]

19 March 2018
USA: 74% of Americans believe in 'the Deep State' [Monmouth University] [The Hill] [Washington Post] [Zero Hedge]

15 March 2018
UK: 'farcical reality behind novichok story' [OffGuardian]

14 March 2018
Британия высылает российских дипломатов [Kommersant]

13 March 2018
Rexit: Trump fires Secretary of State Tillerson [BBC] [Bloomberg] [CNN] [DMail] [Moon of Alabama] [The Verge] [Zero Hedge]

10 March 2018
Putin-Kelly interview (video, English subtitles) [YouTube] (transcript) [Kremlin] [Russia Insider]
Poland: 'total collapse for pro-EU opposition' [Breitbart]

6 March 2018
UK 'still clueless about the EU’s motives in Brexit negotiations' [Guardian]

22 February 2018
Operation Juniper Cobra 2018 [Asharq Al-Awsat] [themedialine]

11 February 2018

Wall Street etc: insider-trading endemic according to academic studies [Economist] [Zero Hedge]
'Soros promises big new donation to stop Brexit' [Business Insider]
UK: 'Sweden tried to drop Assange extradition in 2013, CPS emails show' [Guardian]

10 February 2018
'Brexit has reached point of no return' [Alasdair Macleod]

2 February 2018
Trump identifies "Top Leadership and Investigators of the FBI and the Justice Department" [Breitbart] [DMail] [NBC] [RT] [thestar.com] [Washington Examiner] [Washington Post]
Roubini interview: hates on BTC/crypto [Bloomberg] [Project Syndicate]

29 January 2018
Trump-Morgan transcript [Spectator]
Elon Musk/Boring Company offers $500 "flame-thrower" [Boring Company] [Evening Standard] [TechCrunch] [The Verge]

28 January 2018
Robert Parry: obituaries [Consortiumnews] [Minneapolis Star Tribune/AP] [Moon of Alabama] [NYTimes/AP] [Washington Post]

25 January 2018
pwnage: munchkin Kay Burley tells aggroyank John Bolton to 'calm down' [Breitbart] [HuffPost] [StreetLevelPundit]

22 January 2018
UK: 'The National Interest?' [Irrussianality]
Collateral effects of war: Byzantine mosaics discovered in Hama [Sputnik]

21 January 2018
'Turkish tanks cross Into Syria as ground offensive against US-backed militia begins' [Zero Hedge]

20 January 2018
Corbett on BTC [Corbett Report]
Afrin: analysis [Al-Monitor] [M K Bhadrakumar] [CGTN] [CSIS] [Xinhua]

16 January 2018
Thierry Meyssan on fake news [Voltairenet]

14 January 2018
George Galloway on Brexit [Westmonster]

13 January 2018

Russiagate: Ray McGovern on the Strzok-Page affair [Russia Insider]
'Shithole' in journalistic translation [Strong Language]

9 January 2018
Hе связывайся с русскими: Khmeimim drone attacks [Al-Monitor] [CNN] [Moscow Times] [RT] [Voltairenet] [Zero Hedge]

4 January 2018
'Mapping a world from Hell' [Tom Engelhardt]
"Rompre le dialogue avec l'Iran risque d'entraîner une guerre, prévient Macron" [L'Orient Le Jour]
New American sport: cuck-fighting [Bloomberg] [CNBC] [The Hill] [HuffPo]

3 January 2018
'Giving war too many chances' [Consortiumnews]
howmuch.net: BTC compared with stocks in 2017

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